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    Seeking report of actions of 894th Tank Destroyer Battalion

    Lowell Silverman Adventurer

      I have been researching a battle involving the 894th Tank Destroyer Battalion during the breakout from Anzio on May 29, 1944. My work is hampered by the unfortunate face that the 894th T.D. documents from May and June 1944 are missing from the unit files in the WWII Operational Reports in RG 407. Apparently, they were checked out around 1950 and never returned.  Intriguingly, I recently came across a document at the Ike Skelton Combined Arms Research Library Digital Library, entitled Training Memorandum Number 2: Lessons from the Italian Campaign, Headquarters Mediterranean Theater of Operations United States Army, dated March 15, 1945. The document is based on almost two dozen other reports, and contains tantalizing excerpts from a document entitled “Report of Actions of 894th Tank Destroyer Battalion,” dated June 10, 1944. The extracts suggest it is concerned with the exact time period in question.


      It’s a bit of a long shot, but I was wondering if a copy of Training Memorandum Number 2 was in NARA’s collection, if it might have copies of the source records attached, or if a copy of “Report of Actions of 894th Tank Destroyer Battalion” might be elsewhere in the HQ MTOUSA records.