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    Seeking proof of mother of Nancy Beene

    Aurora Paterson Newbie

      Multiple family trees have the mother of Nancy Emeline Tedford, wife of William Riley Beene, as Mary Elizabeth Beaves. However, I haven't been able to get my hands or eyes on anything that supports this information. Nancy's death record in Phoenix AZ gives her mother as unknown and her older brother, Larkin Tedford, also has his mother as unknown on his death certificate. I came across something that states Mary Elizabeth Beaves is one of William Augustus Tedford's wives given in a Swafford family genealogy, but have been unable to locate the specific genealogy or source the genealogy may cite. No marriage record can be found for William Augustus Tedford and his wife in the 1870 census, Mary E, and although there's a FindaGrave Memorial for her, no tombstone photo is available. It seems possible that Mary E was previously married to a John Hefley as the 1870 census of William Tedford's household in Newton County AR gives a young boy of this name, and a Mary Hefley with close birth information of Mary E Tedford can be found married to a John Hefley in Granby, Newton County, MO. However, no marriage record could be found for this couple, either. What's interesting is that some of Mary Beaves' siblings are a couple pages after Mary Hefley in the same census. A search of available records for probate, newspaper, and deed records of Mary E Tedford and her attributed parents, John B Beaves and Cynthia Halliday, and traceable siblings yielded no results.


      I am hoping that there may be a photo available of her tombstone with a possible maiden name or date of death, which FindaGrave says is in Sexton Cemetery in Mount Judea, Newton County, AR, or there is a newspaper article I have overlooked. Another possibility I am hoping might exist is a family Bible or that the couple can be found in a Swafford genealogy I have yet to see with an appropriate source such as firsthand knowledge or secondhand knowledge from a close relative.