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    Seeking film footage of celebration in Maastricht

    Steve Spicer Wayfarer

      I'm told that the Archives holds film footage of a celebration in Maastricht, Holland on March 11, 1945 where some 600 soldiers of the 2nd Battalion, 117th regiment, 30th Division, were honored for the liberation of their town on September 12-13, 1944. The celebration was March 11, 1945 and was reported by a Boston correspondent. I've searched "Maastricht" for those dates and have found brilliant footage of the attack, but not the celebration. Any help? There are more pictures and some information - especially towards the bottom of http://www.oldhickory30th.com/SoLimburg.htm

      Article in the Boston Globe reporting on the celebration.Soldiers of the 2nd Battalion at the celebration in Maastricht, March 11, 1945