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    Seeking naturalization and citizenship of ancestors

    Leonie Peers Newbie

      One of my ancestors, Frederick, was born in Hamburg.  A few other family sites state it is because his father moved to Germany from England for work that he was born there (other children born in England).  Found copy of "Application for Certificate of Naturalisation".  According to this application, it states "I am by birth a German". He travelled to Sydney from London, England in 1864 and married his wife in 1873 in Sydney.  He is my second great-grandfather.  I thought his correct family but according to an English census he was not born 1845 but 1860.  This does not work and there is no other mention of him in that family tree.  So my question is, how do I research further and should I try and obtain a Death Certificate (here in NSW Australia it usually shows the parents' names etc)? With thanks