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    Seeking my ancestors that arrived from Ireland to the states

    Elthea Stiegman Newbie

      I'm trying to trace my ancestors that arrived from Ireland to the states around 1870. Does anyone know the documentation form needed for immigration or of passenger records that might give at least the country where the person came from and not necessarily an address?


      Additional Information:

      I am trying to research my great grandfather and his wife. William John Graves and Margaret Graves. They lived in Buffalo, NY, and died in Buffalo. They arrived from 1870 forward, each at different times. They met and married in Buffalo. I have a copy of William's certificate from the cemetery And I also have a copy (poorly visual and hard to read fully) of his Naturalization papers filed in 1873. I also sent away to get his marriage certificate from Vital Records, but have not received it yet. I have also researched FamilySearch.org, Ancestry, and Genealogy Bank. What I'm trying to locate is any documentation the immigration records or immigrants MIGHT HAVE HAD TO document that stated the place or county in the country they came from. i also know in that time period record-keeping was very sketchy and the spelling of surnames could be misspelled or altered. But I know he came from Ireland and I'm trying to find at least the county each came from.  Where could I find the passenger listing also? I think that is the way to backtrack their lives if I could find documents that say more than just the country Ireland. Thank you.