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    Seeking records of 15th Replacement Battalion & 277th Replacement Company

    Robert Machuga Adventurer

      During World War II, my father was in Company M of the 15th Replacement Battalion in Australia.  By the time he arrived in New Guinea, he was in Company C of the 15th Replacement Battalion.  Later in New Guinea and in the Philippines, my father was in the 277th Replacement Company.  His military occupation specialties were Cook 060, and afterward, Mess Sergeant 824.  His uniforms had the Southwest Pacific Area (SWPA) and 8th Army shoulder patches.


      The 15th Replacement Battalion left Fort Lewis, Washington and was transferred to Charleston, South Carolina for staging, and subsequently, was sent overseas from Hampton Roads, Virginia. The 15th Replacement Battalion traveled on the U.S.S. Hermitage (AP-54), and arrived in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia on January 31, 1943.


      The 15th Replacement Battalion was assigned to Services of Supply (SOS) and the 4th Replacement Depot in Australia.  On November 15, 1943, Company C of the 15th Replacement Battalion became the 277th Replacement Company and was relieved from SOS and the Battalion, but remained assigned to the SWPA.  I believe it was attached to the Adjutant General Department, and still with the 4th Replacement Depot.


      The 4th Replacement Depot was located at Camp Warwick (Warwick Farm Racecourse), near Liverpool, about 20 miles southwest of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, so I presume the 15th Replacement Battalion was stationed at Camp Warwick while in Australia.  I have contacted various libraries/repositories in Australia and most of the limited available information about Camp Warwick is from later in the war.


      The 15th Replacement Battalion moved to U.S. Advance Base A in Milne Bay, at the eastern tip of New Guinea by September 13, 1943 (from a V-Mail), and it was likely there earlier.


      The 277th Replacement Company landed at Leyte, near Tacloban, as part of the invasion of the Philippines that began on October 20, 1944.  I believe the 4th Replacement Depot landed on A Day+3 (or October 23, 1944).


      On June 20, 1945, my father departed from Leyte on the U.S.S. General C. H. Muir (AP-142) and he arrived in New York Harbor on August 14, 1945; the day in the United States when Japan announced that it was surrendering.


      USAHEC provided me with some historical data about the stations, movements, and assignments of HQ and HQ Company, 4th Replacement Depot; HQ and HQ Detachment, 15th Replacement Battalion; and 277th Replacement Company (formerly Company C of the 15th Replacement Battalion).  I also reviewed a document about the 3rd Reunion of the 4th Replacement Depot in 1991.  These are the sources of some of the information above.


      Is there other information available about the 15th Replacement Battalion and 277th Replacement Company for the time period of my father’s overseas service?  Was the 277th Replacement Company, which I thought was in the 8th Army, attached to the 6th Army in the Philippines? Finally, I am not looking for my father’s Official Military Personnel File; it was destroyed in the 1973 fire at NARA in St. Louis.