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    Seeking reason for bad coinage from New Orleans Mint

    Timothy Glaue Newbie

      Mayor John Fitzpatrick (1892-1896) was in support of the "laboring man" but there was increasing labor unrest in New Orleans, LA. It came to a head by the time period of 1906 to 1907 just prior to the creation of the Fed. The Old Mint at New Orleans was open during that time period and coinage minted there was some of the worst coinage made during the mint's history. The Mint closed in 1909. The interest here is to understand why coinage was so bad (buckled dies, poor striking of coins) - perhaps adjoining newspaper articles, letters, journals, etc. may shed light into these problems. Some believe outstanding circumstances further perpetuated the New Orleans Mint problems like the Dauphin, GA hurricane, the 1906 San Francisco fire, or a noted exhaustion of silver bullion supply (worker layoff, disgruntled employees making intentional errors to coinage production?) - perhaps another contributing factor is due to the Denver Mint start-up in 1906 (prioritized silver bullion diverted away from New Orleans).


      What are the surrounding circumstances for extreme poor New Orleans Mint coinage in 1906-1907?: lack of consistent silver bullion supply, disgruntled employee impact, environmental factors, situational factors (Denver Mint start-up, San Francisco Mint-related problems from the Fire), etc.?


      Some of the Research Reference Sources found so far:

      "Records relating to cases of alleged embezzlement by employees", 1901-1907


      (REMOVED IT SEEMS) http://www2.latech.edu/~bmagee/louisiana_anthology/303_download/texts/kendall--history_of_new_orleans/kendall--historyofneworle02kend.pdf


      (REMOVED?) http://www.usmint.gov/education/historiancorner/?action=timeline&century=1900

      Also: "The Abridgment 1907 Containing the Annual Message of the President of the United States to the Two Houses of Congress, 60th Congress, 1st Session, With Reports of Departments and Selections from Accompanying Papers", 1908"


      May be able to find it here: https://catalog.library.vanderbilt.edu/discovery/fulldisplay/alma991034406349703276/