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    Seeking information concerning Truman Cline

    Kevin Allen Wayfarer

      Truman H. Cline was an industrial engineer who was appointed by President Ronald Reagan to the Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board in 1985. Is there any information whatsoever available that details his contributions on the board? Recommendations he made? The board helped build the framework of the Americans with Disabilities Act which became law in 1990. Cline lost both legs and his right arm in an automobile crash shortly after completing his bachelor's degree in 1930. Despite the injuries, he taught himself to write with his left hand, use prosthetics for both legs and his right arm, and finished his Masters Degree in engineering in 1933. He held 9 patents as well. Any information about Cline's contributions to the board would be valuable!


      1930 automobile crash that took the lives of 3 people and required the amputation of three limbs of Truman H. Cline

      Photo of Cline being sworn in to compliance board (Photo Credit: Kevin Patrick Allen.) Cline's daughter holding picture.


      Notice of Cline's appointment in 1985