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    Seeking audio/videos of Jim Tyrer

    Kevin Allen Wayfarer

      Jim Tyrer was a 6'6", 295 lb. offensive lineman for the Kansas City Chiefs who made the Pro Bowl 9 times and was known in the city as much for his generosity and kindness as his play. However, in 1980, shortly after becoming a Hall of Fame finalist he killed his wife Martha before taking his own life. I've gathered a tremendous amount of information about him and his family but there is remarkably little audio of him. My question is simply - can you find any audio/video interviews of him, any television appearances or commercials, anything where he is speaking rather than playing? Potentially helpful information: he appeared on To Tell the Truth in episode 0712 in1970. He appeared in Kansas City commercials for a business called Kansas City Plywood. There were two puppets in the commercials that were named "Woody and Chuck." The murder/suicide was on September 15, 1980... some reports on the tragedy may have included audio of him but what I've located thus far has not.