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    Seeking information about the death of John Jacob Ulrich Rivardi

    Jonathan S Newbie

      Hello, I am looking for more information on the death of John Jacob Ulrich Rivardi who died on the island of Martinique towards the end of 1807 (likely December). The death of Major Rivardi, a Swiss native, was announced in various American newspapers but further details are scant.  Originally from Geneva, Rivardi came to the United States in 1793 via the Caribbean where he worked closely the the US Capitol architect William Thornton. Rivardi, a military officer specializing in artillery, had seen action in the Russo-Turkish War of 1787-1792 when he was wounded at the Siege of Ochakov. After arriving in the United States, he became an artillery officer and helped to fortify the coastal forts in Virginia and Maryland before being stationed at West Point, Fort Niagara, and Fort Detroit for almost a decade. He returned to Philadelphia with his wife and family in 1802 where, after dismissal from the army, he opened a prestigious boarding school along with his wife Maria (also Marie) Rivardi, a former countess from Vienna.  Rivardi's wartime injuries forced him to recuperate in the Caribbean in the course of 1807. He died on Martinique, perhaps as a visit from St. Croix or St. Thomas where he had a number of connections.  What I am looking for is more information on the sources from Martinique. Is he mentioned in any death register there? Is he buried there (which I suspect)? Where had he stayed?  If anyone can help, please respond.