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    Should I Do a Transcription and/or Translation of a Foreign Language?

    Laurie Nelson Adventurer

      Is it OK if I attempt to do a transcription and possibly a translation and then leave it for someone with better foreign language skills to finish it? That way I've done some of the work so they can simply finish it. Or should I just choose Review after I do a transcription or translation if I think it's good enough for review?


      Unfortunately one problem I've run into is that I can't figure out how to use the French keyboard I D/Led. Someone will have to add the French accents.


      Here are the 2 pages in French that I transcribed and then sent for Review; I didn't attempt a translation, although I think I could do a pretty good job on these two pages but not necessarily on any others I might see:





      When I transcribed these two pages, I was surprised how much French I understood, considering that it's been 60 years since my 3 years of college with a double major in Spanish and French. [Note: I had to change my major to "General Studies" when I was finally able to go to a very small college after several years of not being able to afford to complete my degree.]


      Please don't worry about hurting my feelings. If you think I shouldn't attempt any more work in French, just let me know.