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    Any special rules for *non*-title pages  (printed) in American Creativity:Early Copyright Title Pages Campaign?

    Ethan Kent Adventurer

      Hello to Abigail Shelton and to anyone else interested in my questions about what I have found in the "American Creativity: Early Copyright Title Pages" Campaign (namely about the not-unwelcome-to-me (but confusing) presence of non-title pages (printed pages: I suppose from books whose title pages are also at the Library of Congress) -- in the section "Copyright Title Pages, Oversize, 1790-1890". [Smile.]


      I (as I indicated) truly did not mind getting to type (on a laptop computer) text in 17th-century French (printed in the 1870s in France; more on that shortly) , but I'm somewhat confused both 1) as to why/how "inside text" pages happen to have been added to this Campaign (when all that is seen is the printed page, and it's not a title page), and 2) as to whether (and how)  "header" text (including page numbers) and bottom-of-page  text not part of the body of the text (in the page I worked on, a roman numberal II toward the left (in tiny type) and an Arabic numeral (I believe "3"; in type of the same size, but far to the right of the "II") should be transcribed (as it is seen? as "marginalia"?).




      I worked on Campaign section Page 171 (now in "Needs review") -- which has page number "33" (from the original book) within it; Google Books rather-easily informed me that this page 33 is from a book (published by Maisonneuve et Compagnie, "LIBRAIRES-ÉDITEURS" [= "BOOKSELLERS-PUBLISHERS" here, I think] in Paris in 1879 entitled "DEUXIÈME PARTIE/LETTRES DE CAVELIER DE LA SALLE ET CORRESPONDANCE RELATIVE À SES ENTREPRISES/(1678-1685)" (about equivalent to "SECOND PART/LETTERS OF CAVELIER DE LA SALLE [the man known in US history as the "explorer" "La Salle"] /CORRESPONDENCE RELATIVE TO HIS ENTERPRISES [or possibly "UNDERTAKINGS" OR "ENDEAVORS')] /(1678-1685)")

      It's nice for me to work with clearly-readable (if with 17th-century spelling) French-language published text, but I am wondering how it got into this "Campaign" (as it isn't a "Title" page at all, and I'm wondering how the material above and below the "regular" paragraphed text should be treated (as "normal" or otherwise; I pretty-much have left it "as normal" -- but have spaced the widely-spaced bits of text below the main text with (well) wide spacing between them).




      (Tangent:) The page in question seems to be discussing La Salle's interactions with the American Indian/Native American peoples called by him the "Islinois"  -- but called in the 19th-century printed header the "ILLINOIS" (presumably members of the "Illinois"/"Illini"/"Illiniwek" confederation -- and within today's "Midwest" US) and the (further-east) rivals of these peoples called by La Salle (and now, by those using a now-less-accepted name) the "Iroquois".


      I found it relatively-easy to Tag for the "Iroquois", but much harder to Tag for "Illinois" (or for "Islinois" as a variant of "Illinois")  within the limits on types & number of characters while trying to make clear that I wasn't (and the text wasn't) referring to today's State (or to Illinois Territory in between the 17th century and our time; I did my best.




      I am posting this after 5 PM January 6th; I hope to see a response January 7th.




      Thanks for reading this.


      Ethan Kent/"EthanFromBellmore" .