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    Seeking Native American records about James Curry

    Mellissa Butler-Smith Newbie

      Hello, My grandfather who is a decorated US Army Korean War veteran, will turn 93 years old next week... And it has always been his wish to know more about the man he was named after...his father.  From what we know he was a full blooded Native American, he was married to Lilly Grace, and had 4 children together before his death in 1939. We have is death certificate, but no record of his birth. His legal American name was James Curry, and we were told that he worked as a sharecropper on a farm owned by a man named Author Silas in Avon Park, FL. It is rumored that Mr. Silas gave him the name "James Curry". Also, that he had a sister, whose name is unknown. But was said to have 2 very close friends that he would always be with and traveled to the reservation with. Their names were Whacking Bush and Acre Swankason (I'm not sure of the spelling) My grandfather and majority of his siblings were born in their homes, so birth records are scarce & inaccurate. My grandfather told me that his mother's sister was the midwife when he was born and she couldn't spell or read well. So the name on his birth certificate is Jame Curry instead of James Curry. And even though his birth certificate says he was born in Avon Park, that location isn't true. He was born in Fort Myakka (on the Myakka river) in his parents home. My goal is to grant my grandfather his wish and find out more about who my Great Great Grandfather was, what tribe he came from and what was his name before he was given: James Curry. If anyone could help us in any way, my family and I would be greatly appreciated. Many Thanks!