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    congressional transcripts with indexing for 1850 thru 1870


      I'm a first time user of the system.


      What link is available to search for, and read, congressional transcripts by date &/or topic?

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          Legislative Archives Scout

          ProQuest Congressional provides access to published transcripts of committee hearings from that time period, though a subscription is required. If you do not have a subscription, you may use a computer at a National Archives facility or another public library or archive that has a subscription. ProQuest's database is keyword searchable and can be filtered by year/congress. 


          Some data from hearings can be found in committee reports through the Serial Set. For the time period you are looking for, you can access the Serial Set through the Library of Congress's Century of Lawmaking.


          Original transcripts can generally be found in committee records here at the Center for Legislative Archives. However, for the time period you are looking at, transcripts are only periodically found in committee records. No index exists to find them. If you'd like to schedule a research visit, call or email the Center for Legislative Archives at (202) 357-5350 or legislative.archives@nara.gov.


          Debates and other remarks can be found via Congressional Globe and Record in the Library of Congress's American Memory.



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