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    Seeking explanation of WWII separation order

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      My dad never talked much about WWII until the final weeks of his life. Coincidentally sparked by the death of Marlene Dietrich. And as we were watching a tribute to her life on tv one day, he remarked "I drove her around when she visited some of the troops". He then went on to say he had been one of Gen. Patton's drivers and cleaned his ivory grip pistols on occasion. And that he was present for a couple of the concentration camp liberation's; adding it was the worst thing he had ever seen. I attempted to get a copy of his service records, but sadly they had been destroyed in a fire at the National Archives. Many his war 'mementos' were scattered and lost through our families many moves and parent's divorce during my younger years; but I was able to get some patches, medallions, bayonets, sword and German officers 'walking' sword. It wasn't until recently as I was going through some of my mother's papers that I found my dad's military (enlistment and separation) paper's. In addition to 2 letters he had sent his mother in 1944, from Bad Tolz, Germany. Included in those papers was an invitation to the 2nd reunion of the surviving members of the 301st Signal Operations Bn on July 23, 1966 in Pittsburgh along with a membership roster.



      1. Most of the boxes in the discharge paper are self-explanatory, but could someone elaborate or provide an explanation of sections 32 and 33?

      2. Could someone point me in the direction for more information on my dad's unit: CO B 301st SIG OPER BN


      Thanks in advance!