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    Prices, amounts, and numbers

    mwbtploc Newbie

      I am transcribing a large set of receipts and invoices from a trip to France that Clara Barton did in 1887 for the Red Cross.  Most are structured in columns as invoices usually are, and I am wondering if it is necessary to transcribe all of the prices and amounts, or whether just the line items are necessary if the purpose is searchability?  For example, there is an invoice from a flower and feather shop, with the design number, item name, and then the quantity, unit price, and then the whole francs in one column and the cents in the next column.  It doesn't seem that anyone would be seaching by the prices of these items (?) but rather the items themselves?  Without a structured column system for transcription, it is the item name amongst a set of numbers on each line...?  I just want to be sure that I'm doing this correctly.  Thanks for any insight and advice!