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    How to find an ancestor married to a man in the military in the 1920's and 30's

    Donna Johnson Newbie

      My great grandmother remarried after her first husband died in 1920. Her maiden name was Loula Jean Traylor and she was born in Louisiana in 1888.   Other versions of her name, including Loulla Jean, Loula G. and Lula Gene, appear in records like census reports. Her first husband's name was Chester Peters.  She had two children with Chester, Chester Travis Peters and Marilyn Peters.  Unfortunately, I don't know the name of her second husband.  He was in the military stationed in Washington state.  Loula Jean and her two children lived with him there.


      They were stationed in the Philippines for a while but I don't know the dates. It was before WWII I believe.  Family lore has it the Loula Jean killed her second husband for abusing her children and herself.  She was tried in a military court I believe, but acquitted. Her action was determined to be self defense.


      I have looked at census records for the 1920's and 30's but cannot find them.  I've also searched for her name in court cases during that time period in Washington with no results.  Also, I've been unsuccessful in finding any military records in the National Archives and other related sources.  All of my research has been done online.


      I would appreciate any suggestions anyone might have.


      Many thanks,