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    Henry V. Niemeyer



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          Looking for information on this book. I've looked all over the internet and can't find any thing other than when Henry V. Niemeyer was born and when he passed. And also what side he fought on during the civil was. 

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              The book is a collection of essays originally published by Century magazine in the 1880's.  According to Wikipedia,

              the magazine began publishing personal accounts of the Civil War era in 1883.  These articles became popular with readers of the time, and Century soon found itself the most popular magazine of the day.  The Civil War articles were written by all kinds of participants, from those lowly in military rank to senior generals and civilians.  These articles proved so popular after three years that Century gathered them all together and published them in book form titled Battles and Leaders of the Civil War


              What makes the articles interesting is the twenty-year perspective shift, as some of the authors of the articles also wrote official reports at the time of the events they were describing for Century.  Those official reports then appeared in the nearly contemporaneous Official Records of the War of the Rebellion, whose publication began in 1881 and stretched for the next twenty years. 


              As to Henry V. Niemeyer, as he was not the author of the book or seemingly a significant person on the staff of the Century, I can only surmise that the book was a gift to him so his name was embossed on the cover.

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