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    Looking for records or identification of NAVY 3220

    Tom Boyer Adventurer

      My father's DD-214 indicates he was attached to a US Navy unit designated as NAVY 3220 during 1943. Any idea what this unit was or where it was located? I have asked NHHC but they are still in lock-down and cannot access their records.

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          Tom Boyer Adventurer

          Update to this request.


          I found this link that suggest NAV 3220 is Emirau Island, St Matthias Islands which is in the South Pacific near Papua New Guinea and where my father was located while later serving on a minesweeper.




          Now the question is: what Navy units were on Emirau Island in January 1943? I suspect there was a Navy construction unit called CUB 12 located there which is another entry on my father's DD-214.


          Public information about Navy construction units or levels of effort for LION, CUB, and ACORN resulted in an online document OP-30 which stated:


          CUB bases are of sufficient size to care for the logistic support of a small Task Group of Light Forces with no facilities ashore. Aviation repair, operation and maintenance facilities for 105 planes are included. Sufficient material is provided to support approximately 4,100 men ...

          It is estimated that 3,000 enlisted men will be required from the U.S. navy for each CUB projected. Personnel for those bases will consist of specially trained repair groups for repair of aircraft, submarines, surface craft, and ordnance equipment.


          My specific question now would be: was there a CUB on Emirau Island in January 1943?

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              Elliot Schneider Ranger



              Here is some items found pertaining to how the CUB stations were arranged. Here is a good read on one of the Naval Construction BNs. https://www.history.navy.mil/content/dam/museums/Seabee/UnitListPages/NCB/061%20NCB.pdf


              List of CBs trades designation:


              • BMCB : Boatswains Mate Seabee
              • CB : Construction Battalion ( first rate in 1942 for all construction trades)
              • CMCBB : Carpenters Mate CB Builder
              • CMCBD : Carpenters Mate CB Draftsman
              • CMCBE : Carpenters Mate CB Excavation foreman
              • CMCBS : Carpenters Mate CB Surveyor
              • EMCBC : Electricians Mate CB Communications
              • EMCBD : Electricians Mate CB Draftsman
              • EMCBG : Electricians Mate CB General
              • EMCBL : Electricians Mate CB Line and Station
              • GMCB : Gunners Mate CB
              • GMCBG : Gunners Mate CB Armorer
              • GMCBP : Gunners Mate CB Powder-man
              • MMCBE : Machinists Mate CB Equipment Operator
              • SFCBB : Ship Fitter CB Blacksmith
              • SFCBM : Ship Fitter CB Draftsman
              • SFCBP : Ship Fitter CB Pipe-fitter and Plumber
              • SFCBR : Ship Fitter CB Rigger
              • SFCBS : Ship Fitter CB Steelworker
              • SFCBW : Ship Fitter CB Welder
              • Diver





              • Lion 1 Espiritu Santo[48](1st, 7th 15th, and 40th CBs)
              • Lion 4 Manus
              • Lion 6 Guam
              • LION 8 Okinawa[49]
              • Cub 1 Guadalcanal[50]
              • Cub 2 Tulagi
              • Cub 3 Nandi, Fiji[51]
              • Cub 9 Guadalcanal
              • Cub 12 Emirau
              • Acorn 1 Guadalcanal
              • Acorn Red 1 Guadalcanal
              • Acorn 2 Espirto Santo
              • Acorn 3 Banika/south[52]
              • Acorn Red 3 Green Island
              • Acorn 4 Tulagi[53]
              • Acorn 5 Woodlark[54]
              • Acorn 7 Emirau (47th CB)
              • Acorn 8 Noumea
                • Munda Point
                • Biak
              • Acorn 10 Green Island
              • Acorn 11 Nouméa
              • Acorn 12 Banika/Sterling Island
              • Acorn 13 Espirtu Santo (bomber field 1)
              • Acorn 14 Tarawa
              • Acorn 15 Green Island[55] (93rd CB)
              • Acorn 16 Apamama
              • Acorn 17 South Tarawa(Kiribati)[56]
              • Acorn 18 Espirto Santo (bomber field 2)
              • Acorn 19 Mindoro
              • Acorn 20 Majuro[57]
              • Acorn 21 Roi-Namur[57]
              • Acorn 22 Eniwetok
              • Acorn 23 Kwajalein (Ebeye)[58]
              • Acorn 24 Los Negros
              • Acorn 29 Yonabara
              • Acorn 30 Jinamoc Tacloban, Leyte[59]
              • Acorn 33 Samar[59]
              • Acorn 38 Saipan
              • Acorn 41 Marpi point, Saipan
              • Acorn 44 Okinawa[60]
              • Acorn 45 Sangley Point, Cavite[59]
              • Acorn 46 Marpi, Saipan
              • Acorn 47 Puerto Princesa[59]
              • Acorn 50 Kobler, Saipan
              • Acorn 51 Cebu/Mactan Island[46]
              • Acorn 55 commissioned at the Argus Assembly and Training Unit, Port Hueneme
















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                  Tom Boyer Adventurer



                  This was a gold mine for me. Thanks for the information.


                  My father's DD-214 said he was in "CUB 12" and "CUB 12, 1st echelon" as two separate entries. Thanks to your help here, I found Muster Roll for USS CUB 12 with my father's name on the roster. Plus names of two other shipmates he stayed close with for 70 years. Happy information.


                  According to the muster roll, he was transferred to NABU-8 on 12 Apr 1944 along with several others. I'm guessing NABU was a Naval Advance Base UNIT...a detachment of CUB-12.


                  USMC occupied Emirau on 20 March 1944 and the NABU-8 transfers happened on 12 April. Other Navy reports (not Wikipedia)  indicated that "On March 20, 1944, Marines landed on the island [Emirau]...A few days later, construction battalions of the 18th [Naval Construction] Regiment...began to arrive and immediately started construction of a naval base..." 


                  A few days later would have been about 22 March. Later in this same document it said the 2nd echelon arrived 25 March and the 3rd echelon arrived 30 March both from 18th Regt going to Emirau. So CUB-12, 1st echelon should have been at Emirau prior to my father's April transfer to NABU-8.


                  Any other archive where we can do a deeper dive to determine identity or location of NABU-8?