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    A lost folder at NARA?

    Bill Streifer Adventurer

      A couple of years ago, I requested a list of Japanese nuclear documents, all under one Record Group. Since I was unable to afford then all, and I obviously didn't know what they said until after I read them, I ordered the most promising one. And I was right; it was very important.


      Now I have someone willing to travel to NARA to photograph the entire lot (about 1,500-2,000) pages, so I requested a quote from NARA and an exact citation so she'd know where to go to make copies. No response yet. And when I searched for them online -- by keyword, title, description, university name, country, etc. -- nothing came up. All I could get to was the right RG number, but nothing deeper than that. So she can't go, and I can't get my copies.


      What I suspect happened is that in 2013 or 2014, they were moved elsewhere and no one bothered to note where they came from and where they went. I even filed a FOIA request to understand the chain of custody, and got no reply.


      Is it possible they are gone for good? Nothing would make me happier since the report I ordered may be the only copy available in the world. On the other hand, I still want to know what those other 1,000+ pages say.


      Any suggestions?



      If you contact me directly, I can tell you the RG # and provide a full description.... but not here.