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    Seeking document from Einwandererzentralstelle in1943

    Pavel Mantulo Newbie

      Hello, Please help me find any information regarding my great-grandmother: Wiebe Irina Andreevna, born in 1915 native of Petrovka village, Ukraine; After marriage, surname – Gunchenko (Possible spelling of the surname: Guntschenko *, Huntschenko *, Hunchenko *) In 1943, together with her husband - Nikolai Nikonorovich Gunchenko, born in 1908, Born in Slavyansk, Donetsk region (Stalin region) and 3 young children: Antonina, 01.17.1935; Valentine, 03.11.1937; Lubov, 08.30.1941; They left Ukraine, Slavyansk and were in Germany since February 1943. to April 1945 in town Muhlhausen, where great-grandfather worked as a blacksmith, and great-grandmother previously worked as a baker in Konzentrationslager. From 1945 to February 19, 1946, they were in the testing and filtration lager No. 256 in the city of Oschatz, Germany.  From February 19, 1946 to March 26, 1946, they were in the testing and filtration lager No. 232 in the city of Frankfurt on the Oder, Germany.  in 1946-1947 they were forcibly returned to Ukraine, and immediately exiled to the Arkhangelsk region of the Russian Federation, into exile. My great-grandmother applied for the Einwandererzentralstelle (Immigrant Central Office) in 1943, but she could indicate a different name, I am also looking for this document. Please inform me about any information regarding my great-grandmother Irina Andreevna Wiebe and other members of her family.  Thanks in advance for your answer,  Pavel.