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    Seeking cables & reports sent by Philip Ireland

    William Tamplin Newbie

      Hello, I'm researching the life of Jabra Ibrahim Jabra, a Palestinian-Iraqi author who won a US government-funded grant to study at Harvard from the years 1952-1954. Starting in 1948, Jabra lived in Baghdad, Iraq. Sometime in 1952, he met John Marshall, head of the Rockefeller Foundation's Humanities Division, who personally arranged for Jabra to study literary criticism at Harvard for one academic year (1952-53; it was later extended until January 1954). In his travel diaries, Marshall mentions asking Philip Ireland, a consular officer at the US Embassy in Baghdad at the time, to look into Jabra and report any information he found on him. I am looking for cables sent by Philip Ireland from the US Embassy in Baghdad between 1951-1953. I'd like to read Ireland's report - as well anything else the US State Department put together on Jabra - but I don't know where to look. Many thanks!