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    New Online: East Florida Papers at the Library of Congress

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      Now available online, the East Florida Papers include extensive documentation about the history of the territory and the lives of eighteenth- and nineteenth-century Floridians. The papers are rich in detail about the lives of Floridians at every level of society, including the original Indian inhabitants, loyalists who escaped to British Florida during the American Revolution, enslaved people who fled plantations in Georgia and South Carolina for freedom in Spanish Florida, as well as many ordinary inhabitants of St. Augustine and other places in East Florida. These details can be found in the records of court cases and other legal records, census records, oaths of allegiance, mortgage records, marriage licenses, etc.


      The collection also includes correspondence between Spanish officials in East Florida and their counterparts and superiors in Spain, Havana, West Florida, Louisiana, and Mexico, as well as with British and American officials. They document the internal administration of the colony, through financial, military, and legal records, including records relating to prisoners, the hospital, the church, shipping, and Indian affairs.


      A recent blog post from the Manuscript Division shares additional details about the collection and its provenance.