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    Seeking to assist Grandchild of veteran who served in 391st Infantry Regiment

    Don Dantine Wayfarer

      I saw a question from Audrey Sayles concerning her Grandfather who was in the 391st Infantry Regiment during WWII (see Re: Seeking members of the 98th Infantry Division from WWII). My father also in same Regiment. Maybe I can help her. Don't know how much information I can give you. My Father was a Captain, Co "A" 391st Infantry Regiment to start. Then Hq Co, 1st Bn, 391st Inf; Hq, 1st Bn, 391Inf;1st BN Hq, 391st Inf; Serv co, 391st inf; He was Asst5-3T&E OFF, ADM inspector, Inspection Off, Prison& Police off. Maybe that is 1/3 of them all. The last 3 he was in Honshu, Japan. I have his records but very tiny writing. He never told me too much like most veterans. He never saw combat. Was on Maui and Oahu.