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    Seeking Himmler's letter to Müller dated 30 Nov 1942

    Sivad Dano Newbie

      Seeking Himmler's response to a New York Times article called "SLAIN POLISH JEWS PUT AT A MILLION" (Thursday Nov 26 1942 ) the partial text reads: "In view of the large emigration movement of Jews, I do not wonder that such rumors come to circulate in the world. We both know that there is [at] present an increased mortality among the Jews put to work. You have to guarantee to me that the corpses of these deceased Jews are either burned or buried at each location, and that absolutely nothing else can happen with the corpses at any location. Conduct an investigation immediately everywhere whether any kind of misuse [of corpses] has taken place of the sort as listed in point 1, probably strewn about in the world as a lie. Upon the SS-oath I am to be notified of each misuse of this kind. " This is the National Archives reference: Himmler to Müller, 30 Nov. 1942, US National Archives, Record Group 242, Microfilm Series T-175/Roll 58/Frame 2521486. As quoted in Breitman, Richard, "Secrecy and the Final Solution," from Millen, pp. 70-71.  However, I am hoping to avoid having to go to the Archives if possible. Does anyone know where a full and complete translation of this letter can be found?