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    Seeking aerial photos from 7th Air Force

    TED MIKITA Wayfarer

      I am having difficulty finding references to WWII mission photography of the 7th AF in the Pacific Theatre during WWII.  I am specifically looking for the cans of negatives of this photography.  I can find references to that of the 13th and 20th Air Forces within the Cartographic Section using the Geo spot finding aids, but none from the units from the 7th or 5th Air Forces.   I do not think they were ever indexed in the DIA archives, or if they were it is in a different archive.  Can anyone help?


      The grid square I am looking for is 07N134E of which the 7th AF had extensively photographed between Nov 1944 and Jun 1945.  I noticed that captions of most prints of 7th AF mission photos were attributed by the AF through the 5th AF Base Unit, which makes me wonder if they were sent to the 5th AF for Intelligence Analysis. Thanks in advance for any help.