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    Seeking papers showing ancestors were Freed Blacks

    Russell Tyler Newbie

      Where can I find copies of Free papers of my ancestors? They were freed blacks who moved from Richmond County, North Carolina to Orange & Vigo County. Jordan Anderson can be found in 1830 census in Orange County, Indiana. Jeremiah, Lewis & David  Anderson can be found in 1840 census in Vigo County, Indiana. Their land holdings can be found in an 1858 map of Vigo County Indiana their land holdings will be found in Lost Creek & Nevins Township. The settlement was one the largest African-American in Indiana in 1858. My other Freed Black ancestors moved from Greene County, North Carolina to Parke County, Indiana. They can be found in the 1850 & 1860 census in Parke County, Indiana and in the 1850 Greene County, North Carolina census. In the 1850 Greene County, NC census, I located the names of Elizabeth Tyler and 3 younger children. She is a Freed Black. Elizabeth Tyler oldest children can be found In the 1850 census in Parke County, Indiana. Names of George, Nancy, Himebrick ,Primus Jr, Ava and Moses. In the 1860 census Parke County, Indiana the Tyler family are all in Parke County, Indiana including the father Primus Tyler who was a slave in 1850 census in NC. Were they have been required to have papers showing they were freed during their moved to Indiana?