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    Need Help to Translate German Divorce Information & Nobility Questions

    Mindy Fink Wayfarer

      Hi, This is regarding Christian Heinrich Meister (1847–1906) born in Reichertshausen per his 1876 marriage record in Bitzfeld states.

      (https://www.ancestry.com/imageviewer/collections/61023/images/1346071-00891). I am trying to find information about Christian Heinrich Meister, and I am at a roadblock.


      (1) I found a marriage document for his wife's 2nd marriage after she divorced Meister. His wife was Katharina Magdalena Brand (1856-1893) who married her dead sister's husband after the divorce to Meister (sister = Carolina Friedrika Brand (1850–1887)).  I'd like to know the information on the far right of Brand's second marriage document, below, that says something about the divorce. All I can determine is "Marriage divorced by final judgement of the ...".  (original image at https://www.ancestry.com/imageviewer/collections/61229/images/0816274-00471) Can you kindly provide the translation in the far right?


      (2) Different family stories suggest that Christian Heinrich Meister may have been a baron or of other nobility and that he was thrown out of the family for some reason. One dead relative claims that he saw his castle but that information is now gone. Meister's records can be found here: https://www.familysearch.org/tree/person/details/LB2Q-CW7 His marriage record indicates that his father had the same name and his mother was Rosina Barbara Hausecher. I searched online extensively for the father and mother, even trying to home in on him from the other end (parents, grandparents, etc) and didn't find anything obvious. A distant cousin of mine told me that he may have changed his name because of being ousted from his noble family, perhaps dropping the "von ..." or "du ..."? However, I cannot find anything about his mother, Rosina Barbara Hausecher, either. Nothing about siblings.



      • Would he totally change his name, surname and given name, or just drop the "von ..." or "du ..."?
      • Are people of nobility recorded in the documents we find online? Or, are there different docs for them that are kept elsewhere?
      • Do they tend to have fewer children then the farmers and other commoners?
      • Can you cite some reasons why a noble family would oust a member? Would a divorce cause that? Or perhaps he married someone who might have been a farmer's daughter in Bitzfeld or Bretzfeld (wine country). I still have not determined if his wife's father was a farmer.
      • I understand that the government mostly owned the wineries, but is there a way to find ownership of wineries, lands, etc in that area? Would I have to travel to Germany (after the pandemic) to search government records?
      • Could his family have all of his records connecting him to them eradicated and never to be found?


      Essen may or may not be pertinent — that was vague in the family's memories. The records that I found show him born in Reichertshausen and then married and had children in the Bitzfeld then Adelsheim areas.  Thank you again for your valuable time. I appreciate what you do.