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    Seeking reason for removal of grave markers at concentration camp cemetery

    Myriam Gerber Newbie

      Upon the liberation of a small forced labor camp, the liberating US Army encountered countless dead bodies of prisoners who - due to the catastrophic conditions in the camp - had perished shortly before the liberation. After the liberation, the camp was placed under quarantine as a result of a typhus epidemic. The US Army created communal burials on which - according to eye witnesses - wooden grave markers were placed. After the US Army left the area, it appears that while the small camp cemetery continued to exist for a few more years, before it was dissolved, the US Army removed and destroyed wooden grave markers. I have tried to find more information about this - such as, was this a common practice? Why were the grave markers destroyed? - but have not been successful. Would anybody here have any recommendations where I might be able to find more information on this topic? Thank you very much for your help!