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    Seeking for a French-woman prison register (in a French prison) during WWII (under the German occupation)

    Emilie Guyon Newbie

      I am looking for a register ("registre d'écrou") of a woman who was emprisoned at the Moulins Prison (France) during WWII (end of 1941), under the German occupation. I have reached the departemental archives that gave me the proof of her stay there (about 2 weeks), but according to them the registers from the end of 1941 until 1945 (that give the details of the incarceration) have been brought to Germany with the soldiers or burned.

      If they were ever brought to Germany, does anyone know where I could find such records ?

      My main problem being that the Moulins prison was in France, on the demarcation line, and I am having a hard time finding these informations on German websites (I don't speak a word of German so it is also quite difficult )


      I thank you in advance for you help !