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    Help us transcribe 54 addl pages from Mary Church Terrell!

    Abigail Shelton Scout

      Hi all,


      As we were processing the Mary Church Terrell transcriptions for return to loc.gov, we found two items (54 pages) that were overlooked in the original campaign and still need transcription! So we're turning to you, our most devoted volunteers, to help finish up this small batch of Terrell Papers. We're really excited to make these transcriptions available alongside the originals so that they can be useful to all sorts of researchers. Help us finish them up!


      You can find the two items here: https://crowd.loc.gov/campaigns/mary-church-terrell-advocate-for-african-americans-and-women/letters-between-friends-all… We're not planning to officially "reopen" the rest of the campaign so it will remain with an "All-Done" image. We know some of our most committed volunteers regularly check History Hub. We appreciate any aid you can give in finishing up this remainder!


      Many thanks!



      By the People Community Manager