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    Seeking records of German units in Athens

    George Dounis Newbie

      Hello, We are a team of historical researchers for the period of the German occupation in Greece and especially before the departure of the Germans from the area of Athens on 12/10/1944.  We are interested in war diaries and reports of the following German Services of October and November 1944:


      α.68 Armee Korps (LXVIII  AK),  Commander Hellmuth Felmy 

      b. Alarm Regiment Athens (Athens/St.I/1-4 Kp,  Commander Luettgens 

      c. 68 AA (Aufklaerungs Abteilung AA 68) 

      d. 831 Heeres Kueste Artillerie Abteilung (ΗΚΑΑ 831 Stab,3.u.4.Bttr)


      We would be grateful for any relevant information which would be valuable to us. Many thanks.