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    Seeking USN deck logs for twelve US Navy ships for 27 July 1966

    William Stevenson Adventurer

      On 27 July 1966, one or more of the following eight destroyer escorts (DERs) and four other Seventh Fleet ships on station in the South China Sea provided Naval gunfire support for  a U.S. Army 1st Brigade, 101st Airborne heliborne assault along coastal Vung Ro Bay south of Tuy Hoa in Phu Yen Province, SVN:


      USS NEWELL (DER 322)

      USS SAVAGE (DER 386)

      USS WILHOITE (DER 397)

      USS VANCE (DER 387)

      USS FORSTER (DER 339)

      USS KOINER (DER 331)




      That first one is USS Newell (DER 322); that list is from the NAVFORV (Naval Forces Vietnam) monthly report for July 1966, which states:

      And here are the other ships that were possibly involved in the gunfire support for Operation John Paul Jones; "The following week...." refers to the week that included 27 July 1966:  OKLAHOMA CITY, BEALE, SOUTHERLAND, AND TAUSSIG


      I am seeking the links to the 27 July 1966 deck logs of the above eight-plus-four USN Seventh Fleet ships, one or more of which engaged in that offshore naval gunfire bombardment.