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    Seeking father’s unit and battles he was in Jan to June 1945

    Jill Slieter Wayfarer

      I have my fathers DD214 which includes the dates he was overseas and returned to US in WW2. I would like the information on where he was and the path his unit took as he was in the European theater from 31 January 1945 thru 15 June 1945. Battles and campaigns list Rhineland and Central Europe. He was Military Police 667. Is that his unit? I think he was with 71st infantry. He was injured and sent home to Borden General Hospital, which I inquired about in previous contact. I was an Army nurse so am also interested in reading about the medical care he received and in what evac or field hospital he may have been treated in. I have read about this in a general sense but want to learn about  evacuation routes and transportation back to the states if that is possible. Thank you