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    Transcriptions Undone by Other Users

    K Lacerda Newbie

      I worked on transcribing a text that was in German, in a very old font (which I ended up identifying after doing all the work!).  I used what I knew of German from high school and college to figure out what letters the old font was representing based on sounds and letter sequencing, since the font was very strange and letters hard to decipher. I spent quite some time Googling and translating words just to check whether my letter assumptions were correct- i.e. whether the words, with the letters I transcribed, were actual German words, or whether the letter must be something different because the word did not make sense or did not exist. Then another user went in and incorrectly changed SEVERAL words!  I realize this is a volunteer, crowdsourced project, but it is pretty disheartening to go back to the page you were working on and see your hard work undone. Is there any way to prevent this or to leave comments for other users to be careful about their assumptions? 

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          Ethan Kent Adventurer

          I sympathize, "K Lacerda".


          In late 2019, I found some hard-to-read handwritten German (in a File Unit about the taking of a Confederate blockade-runner during the Civl War; this was a letter which had been on board he ship) and posted to (well) this very History Hub asking for someone to help decipher the German; I am glad that 2 German-speakers "stepped up to the plate" some months later (in early-to-mid 2020) to do their best to complete the transcription.


          (I began the thread "Decipherer of 19th-C. German Wanted" in November of 2019.)


          (I regret that I have not recently checked whether that transcription remains intact; I rather-hoped that the completion was still there "for good"/through the indefinite future).)




          I experienced something, "K Lacerda", like what you experienced a few months ago: transcriptions which I had devoted much time and mental energy on from French and Spanish (albeit possibly not-very-"good" French and Spanish to begin with, in the Images) -- handwritten in a document from (as I recall) shortly after 1800 (itself a compilation of material which seems to me to have been transcribed by the writer from earlier (18th-century) documents) were greatly revised in August (nearly a year after I had finished days of work on them in late 2020) and now read much less clearly like text that made sense in French or in Spanish (in the respective languages of the text) -- or in any other language.




          I did my work over again -- but was very unhappy about it.


          Good Luck to you.


          Ethan W. Kent/"EthanFromBellmore".