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    Seeking records for Maria Margotta & Giuseppe Cestone

    Shirley McAfee Wayfarer

      Can you locate my grandparents?  Maria Francesca Margotta born 4/16/1876 in Calitri, Italy.  She arrived in Ellis Island from S.S. Madonna after departing Naples on 9/16/1906 and arrived in NY on 9/30/1905.  The roll for her is 626 - volume1341-1343 but I couldn't locate that information.  My grandfather was Giuseppe Cestone who sailed on the S.S. Aller and arrived in Ellis Island on June 22, 1902.  His roll is 286 and volume 480-482 but I couldn't find that information either.  I am attempting to apply for dual citizenship and this information would be greatly appreciated.  My grandmother had several of her children- my aunts and uncles with her. The family name was Cestone but apparently she was entered by her maiden name which was Margotta.  Thank you so kindly.