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    Seeking my birth records

    Tyesha Saucedo Newbie

      I have a very interesting situation. I was born in 1996 at a military hospital in Würzburg that is no longer open. I have a copy of my AE form f40-400b-r but no actual birth certificate. When I requested a copy of the Consulate's report of birth abroad, I got a letter back of no record. Then I did a US birth certificate search and again there was nothing. I've tried to contact the vital statistics in Germany and nothing. The Embassy even did a search in their records and nothing for me. I tried to apply for a US passport (been living in the us since I was about 2 after my father retired from the Army) and they don't accept my AE Form F40-400B-R as proof of citizenship. So I have no birth certificate and no passport. No license, I can do anything. I had a team of immigration lawyers and they couldn't help me. I also wrote a letter to my congresswoman and the person she put on the case in the end couldn't help me. I contacted archived Tricare records and they said to contact Department of State (they already sent me a letter of no record) at this point I've exhausted all options and I don't know where else to look for my proof of birth/US citizenship/Birth certificate. Is there any other avenues I haven't thought of?