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    Seeking descendants of Mary Schloendorff

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      Looking  for descendants of Mary Schloendorff and if her children Theodore Gamble and Evan Gamble had children.  Trying to write a book. She was the plaintiff in the Schloendorff v Society of NY Hospital’s case.

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          Susannah Brooks Pioneer

          Theodore L. Gamble served in the 2nd Oregon Infantry from 9 May 1898 to 7 Aug 1899 (discharged due to asthma).  He received a pension and from 1928-1931 he was at various times in National Veterans Homes due to asthma, TB, & mental issues. He listed his brother Evan A. Gamble in NYC as his next of kin.

          On 29 Aug 1901 he married Frances K. Courtney at St. Mark's Church in Jersey City NJ.  His parents are listed as Alex & Mary Gamble.

          from the Variety Feb 1909:

          FAY COURTENAY DIVORCED. Cleveland, Feb. 16. Fay Courtenay, who is starring in "St. Elmo," ran over from Buffalo, where she was playing, last Thursday, and secured a divorce from Theodore Gamble, a vaudeville artist, on the grounds of desertion and non-support. The marriage ceremony was performed in Jersey City Aug. 29, 1901, and has since that time been kept a secret. When the present divorce petition was filed last November Miss Courtenay denied that she was a party to the suit and said she had never known any Theodore.

          In another article about the divorce Frances stated that she and Theodore had only lived together for 1 month.


          At the time of the WWI draft (Sept 1918) he was in Rikers Island Prison listed as a drug addict.  His brother Evan was listed as next of kin.

          He did not appear to have any children.


          Evan A. Gamble married Hortense Doty in Newark, NJ in 1897 and they had one child, George A. Gamble born about 1900.

          [WWI draft card for Evan Gamble listing his son as next of kin]


          From the New York Press, 18 Jan 1911, p. 6

          Pistol Held Husband Prisoner. Mrs. Hortense Gamble yesterday In the Supreme Court got a divorce from Evan A. Gamble It was testified Gamble was caught with an "affinity" In West Eighty-ninth street and was held prisoner at the point of a pistol while his wife surveyed the situation and got evidence for her case.


          George A. Gamble served in WWI in France.

          He was married to Ernestina Martinez in Dec 1928 in Arizona.  He died 10 Feb 1930 in California.

          [from San Francisco Chronicle, 6 Feb 1930  p1]


          In the 1940 US Census Ernestina Gamble is living in Arizona, listed as a widow.  She had no children living with her.