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    Seeking immigration records for Paul Jaffeux

    Lisa Lowe Wayfarer

      I am seeking more information on my ancestor, Paul Jaffeux. I have searched several online sources including Ancestry, FamilySearch, Ellis Island records, etc. to try to find out more information but have had no luck. I'm looking specifically for when/where he arrived so that I can request the Passenger Arrival Record from the National Archives.  We know virtually nothing about this branch of my family prior to their arrival in the United States. Here's what I do know:  Paul Jaffeux (b. approx 1832 in France; d. 1915 in Greenville, SC) (I have also seen it spelled Jaffeaux, Jeffeaux, Jeffeux, and in one of the census records for his son it is spelled Jeffries); his wife, Marie (b. approx 1831 in France; d. 1914 in Greenville, SC) (also spelled Mary in the census) and their children named August, Charles, Henry, Angeline, Victorine (we believe they were all born prior to the family arrival in the U.S.) The 1900 and 1910 Census records record his date of immigration as 1874 and 1873, respectively. I'm very new to genealogical research, so any help or tips are greatly appreciated.