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    Seeking assistance to navigate and understand NARA website & Catalog

    Tom Boyer Adventurer

      I have many responses from NARA archivists with links to "record series" and other items on the NARA website. But when I go to the website, it is confusing and illogical to someone who is not a NARA archivist. Many times, selecting a link on the NARA site will take me to another record or series or whatever which has additional links that seem to take me back to the starting point. Why can't NARA create a non-archivist system to search their records? Especially since the archivist responses all say covid closure of the archives are still in effect.


      I would prefer having links in plain language to records that are on-line. A statement like: "You may find these records appropriate to your request: (then list the links)". At the bottom should be "Other records may be available when the archives are open to the public. (List those records.)"