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    Seeking records of my ancestors

    Evan Nance Adventurer

      Is there a site I can look for that can look for ancestors for free? Ancestory.com is too expensive and I am not a rich man. Could I just type in a name and the ancestors and descendants pop up at all, I would like to know more about my background if possible. Please let me know, thank you!

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          Susannah Brooks Pioneer

          www.familysearch.org is a free research site, you just need to register for a free username and password.   Your public library may have free access to ancestryinstitution.com, which has most of the same resources as Ancestry.com.  During the pandemic ancestryinstitution has allowed access at home through many libraries, whereas in the past one would have to go to the library to use their computers.  Assuming you have a local library card (number), log into your library's website and then look for Ancestryinstitution under their online resources.

          You will not be able to type in a name and get all descendants and ancestors of a person.  Ancestry and familysearch, as well as some other sites, allow people to post their family histories; but most of these contain errors and no sources for the information; so I do not recommend them except for possible hints to use for your own research.

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