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    Seeking Confederate military records of Balaam & Salem Teter

    Gayla R. Corley Newbie

      How do I find out where my Confederate great grandfather, Balaam Teter, was wounded and lost his leg? My great grandfather joined the Confederate Army. He joined 4 September, 1862, in Pendleton County, West Virginia, the Virginia 62nd Infantry Regiment. He was first in Company E and later in Company C. He was discharged as a private 31 August 1863. As I understand he lost his left leg in the service. I think he may have been in the battle at Gettysburg or or possibly at a battle at Williamsburg, Maryland. They were escorting an ambulance wagon train during Lee's retreat from Gettysburg. I would also like to get all of his military records as much as possible.


      My great uncle, Salem Teter, brother of Balaam Teter, joined  Virginia 62nd Infantry Regiment at the same time brother Balaam Teter joined on 4 September, 1852. He was a prisoner of war of the Union Army and put in prison in Ohio. I would like to get his military records also. Is this possible?