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    Seeking file for Winnetoon Public School on National Register of Historical Places

    Gerald Primm Newbie

      Nebraska State Historical Society awarded historical places SHPO ID# KX17-002 in 2020 and mailed the plaque for former Winnetoon Public School built in 1914.  National Register of Historical Places on 03/13/2020 awarded the site with ID#MP100005053.  How do I find the 8-Digit National Archives ID number -and- how do I get to that National online record showing the school building's write-up of detail? Is perhaps the number I'm looking for possibly 20200320?  Confusing, all these different numbers.  If it is, how do I use it to find the school's detail page.  I found the number at:  nps.gov/subjects/nationalregister/weekly-list-20200320.htm but could not get detail.  Where do I go from here? Thank you in advance.