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    Seeking biological parent from US

    Diana Auricchio Newbie

      How does one go about looking for a biological parent who was from the states but stationed in the country I was born in 1968? Since all these genealogy sites have popped up, I have been trying to help my half brother find his biological father, but when there is no one to be compared too because no one else in that bloodline has taken one of these tests, we are stuck.  He did not immigrate to the states and all he knows of the man are two pictures and a possible name of Douglas and a possible location New Jersey. Is there any way to possibly find more information just with that?

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          Sabine Gorgas Scout

          Unfortunately that seems to be a very little chance to find anything. More than fifty years after your half brothers birth his biological father not even might be alive anymore. Since it was also the time of the Vietnam War his father maybe even was deployed to Vietnam and did not come back, what makes the chances of having other half-siblings disappear.


          This is what I would try to do (and what I think you probably already did):

          1) Ask all the people from this time who are still alive and could know anything or maybe met the man, estimated age, rank, appearance, everything they might remember.

          2) Try to find out which units of the US Forces where stationed in the city you mean.

          3) Go through the internet for these pages were old army buddies try to get in contact with each other to find any hints about the particular units. Maybe they post there old pictures which you can compare with the two pictures you have.

          4) There is also https://www.fold3.com/  where you can search military records. It is not for free, but they have a 7-day-free-trial. Unfortunately you need a little more than just the possible name Douglas, but maybe with a unit he served in and his age you find some hints which lead you to pictures to compare also here.

          5) Take dna tests with all companies or upload your results in the others. From my own experience I can say the results are very different. There is also https://www.gedmatch.com/ . Upload your tests here.

          You might not find half-siblings but maybe aunts, uncles, cousins who are active on ancestry?


          I wish I could help a little, but with so less information it is really difficult.


          Best wishes,


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            Rachael Salyer Ranger

            Dear Ms. Auricchio,


            Thank you for posting your request on History Hub!


            The National Archives does not have the present addresses of former service personnel or their survivors on file. Please review NARA’s Locating Veterans and Service Members web pages for some ideas on how to locate the person you seek.


            The photographs you mentioned may provide some clues to the individual’s identity. If he was a member of the U.S. Armed Forces and is in uniform in the pictures, then you might be able to determine his branch of service, rank, and more from any visible patches or other insignia. Determining which military units were stationed in the area at the time could also be useful.


            Finally, we suggest that you review the FamilySearch research wikis for New Jersey, United States Genealogy and for Vital Records in the country where your half brother was born as well.


            We hope this is helpful.