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    Seeking radio call logs for 3 platoon, Company A, 1/2nd Infantry Battalion

    Timothy Shue Newbie

      Looking for radio call logs for 3 platoon, Company A, 1st of 2nd Infantry Battalion, 4th Infantry Division on October 21, 22 and 23, 1969. I am looking for records showing that I was dusted off on October 22, 1969.  I was picked up by a supply helicopter and taken to an unknow hospital, presumably at LZ English.

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          Elliot Schneider Ranger



          Please let me know which one was your unit?


          4th ID had the following regiments:


          1st Battalion, 8th Infantry
          2nd Battalion, 8th Infantry (Mechanized)
          3rd Battalion, 8th Infantry
          1st Battalion, 12th Infantry
          2nd Battalion, 12th Infantry
          3rd Battalion, 12th Infantry
          1st Battalion, 14th Infantry
          1st Battalion, 22nd Infantry
          2nd Battalion, 22nd Infantry
          3rd Battalion, 22nd Infantry
          1st Battalion, 35th Infantry
          2nd Battalion, 35th Infantry
          2nd Battalion, 34th Armor
          1st Battalion, 69th Armor
          2nd Battalion, 9th Artillery (105 mm)
          5th Battalion, 16th Artillery (155 mm)
          6th Battalion, 29th Artillery (105 mm)
          4th Battalion, 42nd Artillery (105 mm)
          2nd Battalion, 77th Artillery (105 mm)
          1st Squadron, 10th Cavalry (Armored) Division Reconnaissance
          4th Aviation Battalion
          4th Engineer Battalion
          4th Medical Battalion
          124th Signal Battalion
          704th Maintenance Battalion
          43rd Chemical Detachment
          4th Military Intelligence Company

          Reconnaissance elements
          Company E, 20th Infantry (Long Range Patrol)
          Company E, 58th Infantry (Long Range Patrol)
          Company K (Ranger), 75th Infantry (Airborne)

          4th Administration Company
          4th Military Police Company
          374th Army Security Agency Company (In Vietnam as the 374th Radio Research Company)
          Division Support Command and Band




          4th Infantry Division Vietnam Missing in Action

          There are 22 soldiers of the 4th Infantry Division Vietnam still listed as missing in action.

          Staff Sergeant Walter A. Cichon 8th Infantry Regiment 03/30/1968
          Staff Sergeant Curtis R. Cline 12th Infantry Regiment 09/18/1969
          Staff Sergeant Raymond G. Czerwiec 12th Infantry Regiment 03/27/1969
          Staff Sergeant Joe L. DeLong 8th Infantry Regiment 05/18/1967
          Staff Sergeant Dickie W. Finley 2nd Brigade 10/21/1968
          Staff Sergeant Dennis L. Gauthier 12th Infantry Regiment 10/31/1969
          Staff Sergeant Vincent F. Giammarino 22nd Infantry Regiment 06/27/1968
          Major Kenneth B. Goff 08/24/1967
          Staff Sergeant Eugene A. Handrahan 12th Infantry Regiment 10/10/1968
          Staff Sergeant Frederick D. Herrera 4th Engineer Combat Battalion 03/25/1965
          Staff Sergeant Prentice W. Hicks 8th Infantry Regiment 03/25/1969
          Specialist 4 John H. Hoeffs 8th Infantry Regiment 11/28/1966
          Staff Sergeant William D. Johnson 12th Infantry Regiment 01/19/1968
          Staff Sergeant Clarence A. Latimer 12th Infantry Regiment 03/30/1969
          Staff Sergeant Barry A. Olson 8th Infantry Regiment 09/26/1968
          Private First Class Vernie H. Powers 12th Infantry Regiment 12/24/1967
          Staff Sergeant Richard D. Roberts 8th Infantry Regiment 03/25/1969
          Staff Sergeant Floyd H. Robinson 8th Infantry Regiment 03/12/1969
          Major Richard J. Schell 08/24/1967
          Staff Sergeant James F. Schiele 12th Infantry Regiment 07/12/1967
          Sergeant William M. Smith 8th Infantry Regiment 03/03/1969
          Staff Sergeant Donald J. Trampski 14th Infantry Regiment 09/16/1969



          The 1st ID had the following regiments:


          1st Battalion, 2nd Infantry Regiment
          2nd Battalion, 2nd Infantry Regiment (Mechanized)
          1st Battalion, 16th Infantry Regiment (Mechanized)
          1st Battalion, 16th Infantry Regiment
          1st Battalion, 18th Infantry Regiment
          2nd Battalion, 18th Infantry Regiment
          1st Battalion, 26th Infantry Regiment
          1st Battalion, 28th Infantry Regiment
          2nd Battalion, 28th Infantry Regiment

          1st Battalion, 5th Artillery Regiment (105mm)
          8th Battalion, 6th Artillery Regiment (155mm)
          1st Battalion, 7th Artillery Regiment (105mm)
          6th Battalion, 15th Artillery Regiment (105mm)
          2nd Battalion, 33rd Artillery Regiment (105mm)
          Battery D, 25th Artillery (Target Acquisition)

          Aviation Units
          1st Aviation Battalion (Airmobile)
          162nd Aviation Company (Airmobile)
          173rd Aviation Company (Airmobile)
          Troop C, 16th Cavalry (Air)

          Division Reconnaissance
          1st Squad, 4th Cavalry Regiment (Armored)
          11th Pathfinder Company (Provisional)
          Company F, 52nd Infantry (Long Range Recon)
          Company I, 75th Infantry (Ranger)

          Division Support Units
          1st Engineer Battalion
          1st Medical Battalion
          1st Supply & Service Battalion
          121st Signal Battalion
          1st Administrative Company
          701st Maintenance Battalion
          1st Military Police Company
          327th Army Security Agency Company
          242nd Chemical Detachment
          266th Chemical Platoon
          17th Military History Detachment
          1st Military Intelligence Company
          43rd Public Information Detachment
          44th Public Information Detachment

          3rd Squadron, 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment
          5th Battalion, 60th Infantry Regiment (Mechanized)


          Hump (1965)
          Bushmaster I (1965)
          Bushmaster II (1965)
          Abilene (1966)
          Marauder (1966)
          Crimp II (1966)
          Rolling Stone (1966)
          Attleboro (1966)
          Cedar Falls (1967)
          Junction City (1967)
          Manhattan (1967)
          Billings (1967)
          Shenandoah II (1967)
          Quyet Thang (1968)
          Operation Toan Thang (1968)
          Atlas Wedge (1969)
          Dong Tien (1969)


          Ap Bau Bang (1965)
          Ap Nha Mat (1965)
          Ap Tau O (1966)
          Lo Go (1966)
          Srok Dong (1966)
          Minh Thanh Road (1966)
          Xom Bo II (1967)
          Ong Thanh (1967)
          Thunder Road (1969)
          Lam Son II
          Paul Bunyan
          Bu Dop, AKA, Battle of Hill 172
          An L?c
          An L?c II


          Defense 1965
          Counteroffensive 1965–1966
          Counteroffensive, Phase II 1966–1967
          Counteroffensive, Phase III 1967–1968
          Tet Counteroffensive 1968
          Counteroffensive, Phase IV 1968
          Counteroffensive, Phase V 1968
          Counteroffensive, Phase VI 1968–1969
          Tet 69/Counteroffensive 1969
          Summer-Fall 1969
          Winter-Spring 1970


          Major General Jonathan O. Seaman
          Major General William E. DePuy
          Major General John H. Hay
          Major General Keith L. Ware - KIA 13 September 1968
          Major General Orwin C. Talbott, CG, 1968-Aug. 1969
          Major General A. E. Milloy CG, Aug 1969

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            Rachael Salyer Ranger

            Dear Mr. Shue,


            Thank you for posting your request on History Hub!


            We searched the National Archives Catalog and located a series titled Infantry Unit Records, 1965 - ca. 1973 in the Records of the U.S. Forces in Southeast Asia (Record Group 472) that includes the records of the 1/2 Infantry, which was part of the 1st Infantry Division, for 1967-1970. These records include daily journals that might contain some information related to your research. For more information about these non-digitized records, please contact the National Archives at College Park - Textual Reference (RDT2) at archives2reference@nara.gov. We were unable to locate radio logs of the 1/2nd Infantry.


            If you have not done so already, we suggest that you request a copy of your Official Military Personnel File (OMPF). OMPFs and individual medical reports for those who served in the U.S. Army after 1958 and before October 16, 1992 are in the custody of NARA's National Personnel Records Center (NPRC) in St. Louis. In many cases where personnel records were destroyed in the 1973 fire, proof of service can be provided from other records such as morning reports, payrolls, and military orders, and a certificate of military service will be issued. Please complete a GSA Standard Form 180 and mail it to NARA's National Personnel Records Center, (Military Personnel Records), 1 Archives Drive, St. Louis, MO  63138-1002. Veterans and their next of kin also may use eVetRecs to request records. See eVetRecs Help for instructions. Certain information in the records is not available to the general public without the written consent of the veteran or his next of kin. For more information see Request Military Service Records.


            Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and pursuant to guidance received from the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), NARA has adjusted its normal operations to balance the need of completing its mission-critical work while also adhering to the recommended social distancing for the safety of NARA staff. As a result of this re-prioritization of activities, you may experience a delay in receiving an initial acknowledgement as well as a substantive response to your reference request from RDT2. Also, NPRC will continue servicing requests ONLY associated with medical treatments, burials, homeless veterans seeking admittance to a homeless shelter, and those involving the VA Home Loan program. If your request is urgent, please see Emergency Requests and Deadlines. Please refrain from submitting non-emergency requests such as replacement medals, administrative corrections, or records research until NPRC returns to pre-COVID staffing levels.  Please check archives.gov/veterans for updates to the NPRC operating hours and status. We apologize for this inconvenience and appreciate your understanding and patience.


            We hope this is helpful. Best of luck with your research!