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    Seeking any information about the death of Louis Efstathiou.

    Larissa Galenes Wayfarer

      I'm trying to discover any information about the death of my great granduncle, Louis Efstathiou. According to family stories, he died at sea in a darkroom accident (not military, that I'm aware of). I found a legal announcement indicating that his sister was made administrator of his estate in July 1923, but I can't locate any details about the actual death date, etc. He immigrated from Greece to New York in 1903 and was a confectioner in Rochester. I don't think he was ever naturalized. I found records about him in the NY Probate Records Index (see attached image, 6th entry down) but these actual records have not been digitized yet. I'm in Texas and can't travel to NY now to get copies in person. Also attached, the 18 Jul 1923 newspaper notice regarding estate administration. Thanks in advance for any help!


      newspaper notice of estate administration for Louis Efstathiou 18 Jul 1923


      Efstathiou, Louis - NY Probate Records Index