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    Seeking images of relocation camps for people of Japanese Ancestry

    Jay Tashiro Newbie



      I am a researcher and writer. Can you direct me to images of the American relocation camps for people of Japanese Ancestry, especially images of the Colorado River Relocation Center. Center (also known as Poston)?


      I taught a seminar at Kenyon College focusing on the American internment of people of Japanese Ancestry during World War II. I now am creating an not-for-profit educational website that contains essays about the interment but more broadly about being other in America.


      As a starting point, could you direct me to images of the relocation centers. Although I am particularly interested in the Poston and Amache Camps (one of cousins was interned was held in Amache [also known as the Granada Camp]), I would appreciated links or image IDs that provide a broader view of the interment camps and internees.


      My best regards and thanks in advance for your help


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