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    Seeking agricultural mapping for Daviess County, Kentucky

    John Beyke Newbie

      I was able to obtain digital aerial mapping from FPAC Salt Lake City, Utah from 1953 to current date. This mapping was originally agricultural mapping. I am researching for the farm on which I was raised that was originally purchased by my grandparents in 1926, and subsequently purchased by my parents in the 1970s and now owned by my cousins.  I am looking for mapping dated from the 1920s - 1950s.  I understand National Archives may be able to provide.  Can anyone help? The format I would like is digital photos similar to AEE-980 2P-156-L which is maybe 1956 vintage and located in Daviess County, Kentucky about 2-3 miles West of Whitesville, Kentucky located on Haynes Station Road north of Kentucky highway 54 and south of Jack Hinton Road.