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    Seeking Courts Martial records regarding the 65th Infantry Regiment

    David Rodriguez Wayfarer

      Where can I find Court Martial records regarding members of the 65th Infantry Regiment-Korean War era (Battles of Outpost Kelly and Jackson Heights)?  I’m searching for the list of the accused. Congress’ intervention into this specific case. Some decisions were overturned and some were not overturned. Seeking any newspaper articles of the era discussing this high profile case. And any public articles of General Douglas MacArthur praising the 65th Infantry Regiment. Also any thing about Puerto Rico Governor Luis Munoz Marin’s public participation in helping the members of the 65th during the Court Martial. I have found one case through the Court-Martial Reports-The Judge Advocates General of the Armed Forces and the United States Courts of Military Appeals. Are there any other sources besides what I discovered? I’m a military student researcher with no law experience.