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    Seeking court transcripts & records about Dave Edwards & the Crosbys

    Kimberly Tilley Wayfarer

      I'm looking for court records and transcripts for two cases. One case is a man named Dave D. Edwards, who was tried for different murders in Kentucky, Tennessee, and possibly Illinois. While out on bail for the murder of Sam Brooks, he shot and killed J. M. Davis, a crime for which he was executed in Tennessee in 1909. I’m not sure how to determine what courts he was tried in, but I'd like to get records from any of his trials.


      The other case case involves the murder of J. R. McShan, near Hattiesburg, Mississippi. G.L. and Minnie Crosby, husband and wife, were tried separately for the murder in the Forrest County Circuit Court in Mississippi. G.L. was acquitted in 1909, but I’ve not been able to find out what happened to Minnie. I would love to get court transcripts for both cases. I would appreciate any pointers!